A juggler of life…. a promoter of STEM… environmental advocate

What does this mean?

Mel is a Project Manager – picking projects that mean something to her. She knows her way around podcasts, hackathons and is game for challenging ideas and thoughts.

promotion in action

Mel in the Media

As Melanie progresses in her career, she is asked to discuss her journey and values with a wider audience.

Melanie has been profiled in podcasts, blogs and in news articles.

Create Digital



The true strength of any Project Manager is to own the vision and utilise their powers and strengths to help bring that vision to life

Melanie De Gioia

Podcasts and Board positions

STEM Advocacy

Melanie is a passionate STEM advocate. Using her strengths and passion, she explores many ways in sharing STEM to a wider audience.

Podcasts and Board positions are two ways she is currently seeing this done.

Podcasts Mel created
Mel on Boards


Focus on our natural talents and invest in those talents so they become our super strengths,

our superpowers

Anne Koopman-Schmidt

STEM advocate

Passionate about promoting STEM through her superpowers

Project Consultation

Bringing order to chaos.  Mel specilises in innovative projects.

Podcast Production

Idea generation through to creation, Melanie especially likes producing podcast that promote  STEM

Hackathon Co-ordination

In person or digital hackathons, she’s done it all!

About Mel

Melanie would describe herself as a professional juggler of life!

Melanie’s mission is to amplify and promote the power of STEM by specific utilisation of her superpowers.  She does this through Ramaley Media which was officially launched in January 2021.

Through podcasts, projects, hackathons and the various Boards she volunteers with, Melanie successfully promotes the power of STEM to the entirety of society – from Kindy through to Adults.

Melanie is a detailed Project Manager who specialises in bringing order to chaos and thrives when working with a number of key stakeholders. She especially loves innovation and discovering new IT solutions and new ways of working. And she’s fascinated by the evolution of society through little changes.

Mel is a passionate podcaster!  She launched a specialist podcast production agency, Ramaley Media and is excited to create many more podcasts to share STEM stories.  In her time Mel
 has created and co-hosts ENGINEERING HEROES – a Podcast all about promoting engineers in society. She is also the co-creator, co-host and producer of a podcast for kids called IDEA EVOLUTION.

She’d love to chat to you about innovation or podcasts or anything in between!

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